About Us

Our solar panels installation company was founded years ago with a great passion for offering solar electricity to homeowners and business owners in the area. From our humble beginning, we now are one of the biggest solar companies. In fact, we have been ranked nationally and received many awards for our installations expertise and volume. At our company, our main focus remains on the homeowners and business owners complete satisfaction always. We are there to take care of the diverse solar related needs of all the residents of the Phoenix. You’re our neighbors and we have a goal to offer  solar systems designed to save business owners and homeowners the greatest amount of wealth and get energy independence.
We have actually pioneered the reasonable ownership movement within solar industry and have operations now in multiple communities all through the Phoenix. We are one among very few companies who source, design, sell, and install their solar systems. With this we can make sure that our clients work with us only through every step of the procedure. This guarantees that we offer the highest quality services, products, and support to all our clients while supporting the local jobs and strong economy.

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Our solar designing process is at heights of innovation, offering the latest in function, efficiency and style. We have developed a great solar product in top tier of style and functionality in its own class and strive hard to offer high-quality services from designs to installations and aftercare service.
One of our highly experienced and skilled Solar Consultants will quickly coordinate a visit together with you. Your Consultant will evaluate your customized solar proposal, which can include the optimum solar designing for your property to provide you the best power offset seeing your historical electric usage and roof space. We will then offer you with aerial image of the home with solar system installed such that you can notice what it’ll look like. Most importantly, you’ll discover how many dollars you can anticipate to save by going solar!
Our installation process begins with a primary site audit in order to take exact measurements of your own roof space, gather information about the roof structure and current electrical infrastructure.  Using information about your property such as shape, size, positioning, shading, sun exposure and roof angles, we’ll begin to make a final electrical design and layout that will offer you with the best solar system there for your unique energy and home needs. Once your design is completed, we will evaluate it for final approval with you and then submit it for permits with the electric utility and jurisdiction.
Once your solar system is allowed and ready for the installation, our crew of experienced electricians and installers will start your solar installation. The installation times differ based on system complexity and size as well as the local inspections needed in your jurisdictions, and can vary anywhere from 1 to 7 days. Once installation is done, we will test your system fully to ensure it functions properly and perform final inspections with local jurisdiction. From there, your utility provider will come to install your meter and you hen will be prepared to start generating your renewable energy.