Reduce your utility bill and rise your house’s value.
It’s a really go time to switch to solar. There now are historic monetary incentives including 30 percent federal tax credit, lower sales tax and utility renewable energy rebates. You can get PV (photovoltaic) system to power the whole home at just a fraction of actual cost. The investment will MAKE money actually for you as well as your family for many years ahead.
Our Solar Consultant will quickly come to your house to show you the proposal that’s customized to your particular electricity requirements. Your Solar Consultant then will answer all your questions about switching to solar, walk you via our contract and financing process and assist you secure your power future in one simple visit.
One among our experienced solar panels installers will perform a site audit after your consultation shortly to take precise measurements that can inform your ultimate solar system designs. We will work with your own utility company, local jurisdiction, and HOA directly to get the solar system approved quickly by all the parties. From there itself, we will schedule a solar installation and a local inspection. We employ all the installers in-house only. We don’t use any subcontractors ever, and we take pride in work we offer.
Once your solar panels system is installed, we will offer on-going system monitoring and support. Your Solar Consultant will quickly come to you, turn on your system and deliver your own Welcome Package. From this point on, you’ll generate your renewable solar power!!
In case you are a resident of the Phoenix, you understand that the sun shines 300 days per year at least. So why don’t make this precious natural resource work out for you by simply installing a solar panels system? Solar panel system absorb the natural power from sun and generate electricity to use for you. Why waste your money on the traditional energy sources while you can utilize what is in your backyard already? A solar system tends to be your personal energy plant, and it so happens only to run on the free fuel.

Our Key Residential Services

  • Residential Rooftop Solar
  • Solar Hot Water Installation
  • Electric Main Panel Upgrade
  • Waterproof & Light Weight Solar Panels
Know us

How All Of It Works After You Contact Us?
Step 1 – On contacting us, we’ll: Review a satellite photo of your roof Decide if solar is correct for your house Explain presently available solar incentives Reply to any questions and then schedule a visit at your place
Step 2 – During home visit, we’ll: Measure the shade impacts and roof, provided it’s safe to move on the roof Offer a preliminary design depending on your requirements Discuss preferred financing options Schedule site visit for you
Step 3 – During proposal presentation, we’ll: Offer your custom proposal Discuss installation timeline Review all final questions you have
Step 4 – During the project planning, we’ll: Submit permitting application Assign installation date Handle applicable rebate or incentives application
Step 5 – During the installation, we’ll: Come at your house to start the installation Installations take 2 to 3 days typically based on weather and system size
Step 6 – As we commission your system, we will: Schedule an inspection for you
Help turn the system on so you could enjoy clean and low-cost solar power